The 8 Steps To Effective Time Management

To be a Black Belt in the martial arts you must train every day. You must practice the basics over and over and over. Soon you develop the habit of training.

Take a lesson from childhood – put things back where they belong. When you take out a book to reference something put it back on the shelf rather than toss it on the edge of your desk.

Second, by getting more value from your students you can then increase your new student marketing budget. This can then bring in more students. So you have to find ways to get more value from your students such as having a dojo store, offering private lessons and so on.

When you walk into your office and it is a mess your mind immediately says, “Ug!” and does not want to enter with you. You already have an up hill battle before you even sit down. You find it difficult to concentrate on any specific task. In fact, you may not even get to a task. It may be so overwhelming that you give up before you even start.

Have a warm, personal greeting for each student at the beginning of the day as they enter the classroom (How did the game go last night? Did you see… on TV last night?) and a farewell at the end. Try to find out what the student does between the time he leaves Edulabs and when he returns. Does he/she enjoy a sport, work on cars, read science fiction, play a video game, live on-line?

Do not allow yourself to start your day with any time wasting activities. They suck your energy faster than anything else. One thing can easily lead to 10 more and you’ve done nothing productive the entire day. Instead, the first thing should be some creative activity like planning a marketing campaign or other task that is working ON your martial arts school business.

Your school’s teachers will benefit too. Teachers have immediate access to all their students important information. Teachers will be able to access their students grades in the easy to use online grade book. The grade book easily organizes all of their students grades. The software also has a tool that creates beautiful report cards. The report card tool allows you to have your own grading criteria, grading flow and report card format! You can even print report cards and transcripts. This is a great tool to allow teachers to print mass student report cards.

I hope you found this article of time management helpful. Things to keep in mind are that time is money and by saving time you are saving money! Also, there are lots of ways that you can maximise your time and get the most work done possible in a limited amount of time once you start becoming aware of how much time is spent each day and what it is spent on. Good luck with your goal to save time and to spend it as wisely as possible.