There Isn’t A More Perfect Gift Than A Handmade Candle

When it comes to easy candle making there is nothing that is quite as easy as the rolled beeswax candle. This is a favorite among people all over the world. It is a great craft to do with your children and it is so easy and fast to do that you can do it in a lunch break. These beeswax candles are also a favorite among people who are looking for products that are more environmentally friendly as they are all natural. These candles are great as gifts and last for a long time.

Boiling bags, you can find these bags at almost any cooking supply store, they are great because they completely eliminate the cleanup process. All that you need to do when you’re done with them is throw the bag away.

You can use candle dyes to personalize your candle’s look. These come in different forms; liquids, flakes and blocks. You can stir in your dye once the wax is hot.

In recent years, gel wax has become the rage. The texture is almost rubber-like. When using gel wax, the benefit is it comes in 3 types of density. When you are making gel wax candles, the density comes into play when you are adding fragrances to the wax. The really nice thing about gel waxes are they burn a very long time (nearly twice as long as paraffin).

Procure a candle mould from a nearby craft store and dissolve some paraffin wax in a boiler or microwave. Then transfer it into the candle mold and place a wick in the molten wax. Two pencils can be used horizontally across the candle mold’s top to ensure that the wick remains in its place. After the candle has been cooled overnight, it can be removed from the mold. With these simple Candle making instructions, you can make candles, which look so much similar to the ones obtained in shops.

I know you are asking yourself this question: What if I want to make strong scented candles and heavier embed materials, what grade will I be using? Don’t forget that you still have one density candle left. And this density gel will answer your question. The High Density candle, also known as the CHP grade can hold up to 5% of fragrance and hold your embeds strongly because it has a high polymer quantity.

Many hobbyists have been pleasantly surprised that their little hobby has transformed into a bustling little business. It might be worth investing in a few of these molds and seeing just where this fascinating craft can take you.